Declare Expiry Date


Everyone know for sure, no body likes the same taste everyday. Hence, whatever new things we adopt in our life, for example style, working pattern, time schedule, personality, role etc. we need to change it by setting expiry date. Declaring an expiry date for every discovery is needed in our day to day life. If we always live a same life, with no further creativity may lead the person to get bore with you, and sometime wanna throw you out of there group. In every place, whether in family life, social life, work place, you need to change every time, seems as a new person among all, which can keep you always present among others.


In todays world of technology is growing so fast, that every moment you gets new update of Operating System, Apps, devices with new specification and hardware etc. Think for a while if these technology will not upgrade themselves for long time and giving the same pattern without any newness, I hope you will be bored of smart phone, and will declare it just a phone but not smart. In our life too if we are lacking upgrade our self we may loss our position to growth. We must set expiry date and upgrade in every area of information along with practical and creativity. The another example I want to set before you of well known Scientist Thomas Alva Edison who invent the first Incandescent light bulb, but are we using bulb even today also. We can see bulb rarely now a days. But Thomas has updated during his tenure time. Later it came to tube light and the latest update is LED light which can save more energy. So, we can see the world is changing in a way after finding certain disadvantages and make it in an advance manner. Now its our time, how much time we evaluate our self and our disadvantages, to turn it towards higher level with more advance stage. And lastly don’t forget to say I am the BEST. Yes you are BEST only when you upgrade yourself periodically.

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