As our website main objectives is to develop an individual talents which the person acquire by his/her very nature. Most of the time we compare ourselves with others which leads backslide to find out our own talents. God has not sent any person without talents by which we can buy our own bread and bless other with enough.3d-concept-individualism-uniqueness-11182788

“Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.” ― Adolf Hitler

Always remember that you are unique person, find out the talents you have that other cannot do it. The very important thing is that elegant WA childs uniqueness copynever compare yourself with others. The moment you do so, Fotolia_42474451_UniqueLightbulb_Myou will lack your talents and aim. Do your work in unique manner. There is no other assets you make other than your unique talents, if you lost everything, your talents is the last hope to return back, everything you lost. Remember you born to have with unique face, character and vision. Set a unique vision in your life that’s gives your way to identity. So concerntrate on your uniqueness talents which is your biggest assets you ever earn in this planet.





People mostly move one place to another place to gain something, shopping, meet with someone etc, hence need to travel. Smart city must help to avoid travel, the most online things help people to go out for shopping, job once they can avail all service in finger tips. A smart city need smart Wi Fi system in free or reasonable rate. A smart city must earn more income than expenditure to get handsome profit in every sense to save more time to its people. The more income each city get will lead the whole nation in profit.

World should develop every city and town in Smart city and Smart town. The following are the need to heed the issues with reason to get perfect smart city.

TIME SAVING: A smart city should run everything in perfect timing. It should have timing which the most developed city  people like to travel in time bound traveling mode like local train and metro rail. All traveling mode should set departure and arrival timing, without delaying people precious time and it should have frequency during pick up hours with fast service.

  • LOW MAINTENANCE TRAVEL MODE: In India, most of transportation run outdated train, buses etc, Train need launch in low maintenance with low electric consuming. Buses are highly maintenance travel mode as its basic fuel is diesel, it needs constant replacement of six tire and tube, engine oil and other mechanical parts expenditure, with low passenger capacity. Most busy route should be replace with TRAM transportation,
  • with two or three bogie with general, ladies and luggage bogie with minimum speed of 40km/h to 60km/h. It can save diesel, and it should have schedule departure/arriving timing.
  •  SMART GOVERNMENT BODY: A smart city need smart and loyal government body. They must approve the clearance to develop the city in planned and systematic way like CIDCO in Navi Mumbai. All government work should transform in online way, in order to save people valuable time. Government leader should find out the people’s problem and make fast provision for it. Government body should be free of corruption.
  •  SMART LAW AND ORDER; A city will not get 5 star unless its having good law and order and less crime. A city must be under control of perfect police force and justice. Still there is many case hanging for more than ten years consuming more time in justice and disturbing mind set of an innocent people. All the complaint from people side must be attempt in prompt action. A smart city need Smart Control Room, with CCTV access to every corner of the city to avoid crime like 26/11, molestation, rape, murder etc.
  • SMART EMERGENCY WAY: There should be proper law in traffic rule to give clearance to all emergency vehicles first. Smart city need smart people with smart responsibility towards there society. There should be a special way for special vehicles like Ambulance, Fire brigade, police etc.