“If you don’t take risk, that is the biggest risk you ever taking in your life”

In our daily life routine we have to take risk everyday for better hopeful days ahead to get reward. Most of the time we did not take risk because of fear of failure and unsuccessful. We need to be trained and then we need to land in specific area where we wanna build our career. While during training we persive most risk, once learn we fly with confidence. For example when a child learning to balance a two wheeler cycle many times they fall and get hurt, but once learn they can handle it very

Most of our problem is like that, somebody told you to jump from small aeroplane, while we directly say “No”. Actually the small aeroplane is in the ground, can you jump, the answer is “Yes” Shyly. The problem is just we preassume the problem as big, like the aeroplane always in the air. Likewise in the life if we did not take any risk in our life, its simply silently means you are taking biggest risk which can be harmful to you when it is too late. Hence, have a courage in God, and learn to take risk, whether in establishing a business, a career, and so and so. Always have a positive intention over risk, when you are better aware of all risk and made provision for it.

In our life problem will be always with us whether keep quit or facing risk. It is always good to have courage and take risk with the daily work of our life. NO RISK NO REWARDS.