Declare Expiry Date


Everyone know for sure, no body likes the same taste everyday. Hence, whatever new things we adopt in our life, for example style, working pattern, time schedule, personality, role etc. we need to change it by setting expiry date. Declaring an expiry date for every discovery is needed in our day to day life. If we always live a same life, with no further creativity may lead the person to get bore with you, and sometime wanna throw you out of there group. In every place, whether in family life, social life, work place, you need to change every time, seems as a new person among all, which can keep you always present among others.


In todays world of technology is growing so fast, that every moment you gets new update of Operating System, Apps, devices with new specification and hardware etc. Think for a while if these technology will not upgrade themselves for long time and giving the same pattern without any newness, I hope you will be bored of smart phone, and will declare it just a phone but not smart. In our life too if we are lacking upgrade our self we may loss our position to growth. We must set expiry date and upgrade in every area of information along with practical and creativity. The another example I want to set before you of well known Scientist Thomas Alva Edison who invent the first Incandescent light bulb, but are we using bulb even today also. We can see bulb rarely now a days. But Thomas has updated during his tenure time. Later it came to tube light and the latest update is LED light which can save more energy. So, we can see the world is changing in a way after finding certain disadvantages and make it in an advance manner. Now its our time, how much time we evaluate our self and our disadvantages, to turn it towards higher level with more advance stage. And lastly don’t forget to say I am the BEST. Yes you are BEST only when you upgrade yourself periodically.




“If you don’t take risk, that is the biggest risk you ever taking in your life”

In our daily life routine we have to take risk everyday for better hopeful days ahead to get reward. Most of the time we did not take risk because of fear of failure and unsuccessful. We need to be trained and then we need to land in specific area where we wanna build our career. While during training we persive most risk, once learn we fly with confidence. For example when a child learning to balance a two wheeler cycle many times they fall and get hurt, but once learn they can handle it very

Most of our problem is like that, somebody told you to jump from small aeroplane, while we directly say “No”. Actually the small aeroplane is in the ground, can you jump, the answer is “Yes” Shyly. The problem is just we preassume the problem as big, like the aeroplane always in the air. Likewise in the life if we did not take any risk in our life, its simply silently means you are taking biggest risk which can be harmful to you when it is too late. Hence, have a courage in God, and learn to take risk, whether in establishing a business, a career, and so and so. Always have a positive intention over risk, when you are better aware of all risk and made provision for it.

In our life problem will be always with us whether keep quit or facing risk. It is always good to have courage and take risk with the daily work of our life. NO RISK NO REWARDS.


The way we behave in different situation and thoughts we apply to handle it is attitude. Its play a very important role in our life which drives upward and downward according to our way of thinking and how we act on it. All kinds of result form from our attitude itself.

Attitude is a little thing that makes big difference. – Winston Churchill

Patience-and-Attitude-QuotesIf you want to do big thing in your life, then examine your attitude, how you think, learn, do and apply in your daily life. Note down in a page and review it, unless you learn to be in first step. Attitude is all about positive thinking in worst situation, hope in everything. Develop an attitude, be thankful to God in everything, think every adverse as key door of great opportunity, believe in everything that makes you a loyal personality.

“Nothing can stop the man with right mental attitude from achieving his goal, nothing on earth can help the man with wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson.

When we ask our self during any circumstances, from where we must start then its only the way you think of it, is the beginning. One story clearly explain the whole meaning of “ATTITUDE”. Once in a village, all the people were praying and believing for rain during drought, everybody went in field with an expectation of rain after praying. But a small boy he also went in the field with UMBRELLA, that’s the attitude.

So, change your mind set if you think you need a change in the way you think.




Every person who have their aim need to develop the self commitment. If we are not committed to our self we are very close to loose our ambition in our life. In our life, we must commit our self to develop our commitment by strict discipline.

Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination andCommitment-Quote

commitment to unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment

to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

Mario Andretti


It is very important that what actually make you success in what you deserve is “Commitment.” Most of the time we fail to gain what we deserve is to fail in our commitment for that work.

Once you have commitment,

you need the discipline and

hard work to get you there.

Haile Gabrselassie.

commitment2Talent is not the everything for our life, but the commitment for the talent will give you meaningful sense. Commitment should not be loss even facing adverse situations of full of challenges. A dedication is very important with time schedule and maintain the discipline to follow the new creation you are discovering it uniquely. And always remember never compare yourself with others, the time you start comparing, you will begins the downfall.

First decide, what you want to do? Why you want to do? What will be the result of doing so? If you get positive answer of this three question, then first make the commitment for it, and humble yourself before God. You will surely meet with success.



Property location is the most important factor, while selecting your fixed property like land, building and office. This article is for those who are middle class wanted to invest in certain place with good future in low cost in perfect destination to invest in property.Check_House1-300x200

First of all it is very essential to keep update of government future development in particular area through newspaper, website, magazine etc. The city is never being avoided hence its expand to larger way with fantastic insfrastructure for better movement of life and goods. If government is planning and approve for Airports, Highways, institute, railway lines etc such area will definitly grow very fast and its land and building value. Following are the proper place to select property location:

1) Good road connectivity with other towns and cities with multi mode of travelling facilities.

2) Good railway connectivity.

3) Good hospitals near by in case of emergency.

4) Locality with vast opportunities of jobs and business.

5) Best education institute near by.

6) Area with good security and law and order.

7) Systematic planned area as per government policy.

8) Good infrastructure.

9) Best availability of online connectivity.

10) Nature bound area, not near to any industrial estate.

11) Having municipality service area.

12) Good marketing zone and shopping malls.

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As our website main objectives is to develop an individual talents which the person acquire by his/her very nature. Most of the time we compare ourselves with others which leads backslide to find out our own talents. God has not sent any person without talents by which we can buy our own bread and bless other with enough.3d-concept-individualism-uniqueness-11182788

“Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.” ― Adolf Hitler

Always remember that you are unique person, find out the talents you have that other cannot do it. The very important thing is that elegant WA childs uniqueness copynever compare yourself with others. The moment you do so, Fotolia_42474451_UniqueLightbulb_Myou will lack your talents and aim. Do your work in unique manner. There is no other assets you make other than your unique talents, if you lost everything, your talents is the last hope to return back, everything you lost. Remember you born to have with unique face, character and vision. Set a unique vision in your life that’s gives your way to identity. So concerntrate on your uniqueness talents which is your biggest assets you ever earn in this planet.





People mostly move one place to another place to gain something, shopping, meet with someone etc, hence need to travel. Smart city must help to avoid travel, the most online things help people to go out for shopping, job once they can avail all service in finger tips. A smart city need smart Wi Fi system in free or reasonable rate. A smart city must earn more income than expenditure to get handsome profit in every sense to save more time to its people. The more income each city get will lead the whole nation in profit.

World should develop every city and town in Smart city and Smart town. The following are the need to heed the issues with reason to get perfect smart city.

TIME SAVING: A smart city should run everything in perfect timing. It should have timing which the most developed city  people like to travel in time bound traveling mode like local train and metro rail. All traveling mode should set departure and arrival timing, without delaying people precious time and it should have frequency during pick up hours with fast service.

  • LOW MAINTENANCE TRAVEL MODE: In India, most of transportation run outdated train, buses etc, Train need launch in low maintenance with low electric consuming. Buses are highly maintenance travel mode as its basic fuel is diesel, it needs constant replacement of six tire and tube, engine oil and other mechanical parts expenditure, with low passenger capacity. Most busy route should be replace with TRAM transportation,
  • with two or three bogie with general, ladies and luggage bogie with minimum speed of 40km/h to 60km/h. It can save diesel, and it should have schedule departure/arriving timing.
  •  SMART GOVERNMENT BODY: A smart city need smart and loyal government body. They must approve the clearance to develop the city in planned and systematic way like CIDCO in Navi Mumbai. All government work should transform in online way, in order to save people valuable time. Government leader should find out the people’s problem and make fast provision for it. Government body should be free of corruption.
  •  SMART LAW AND ORDER; A city will not get 5 star unless its having good law and order and less crime. A city must be under control of perfect police force and justice. Still there is many case hanging for more than ten years consuming more time in justice and disturbing mind set of an innocent people. All the complaint from people side must be attempt in prompt action. A smart city need Smart Control Room, with CCTV access to every corner of the city to avoid crime like 26/11, molestation, rape, murder etc.
  • SMART EMERGENCY WAY: There should be proper law in traffic rule to give clearance to all emergency vehicles first. Smart city need smart people with smart responsibility towards there society. There should be a special way for special vehicles like Ambulance, Fire brigade, police etc.